Friday write-day...

So I always have this desire to write on Fridays. My brain and body are usually burnt out from the week and I watch the clock more than I should waiting for Blake to come home so we can get our weekend party started. So I am going to start a new thing on Fridays and blog from writing prompts... I need to write and I want it to be more than a "this was our week" recap that I usually fall prey to on Fridays because all my brain cells have been gobbled up by the demands of Perry/Luna.

Today's prompt: Something someone told you that you will never forget.

When I was pregnant with Luna, I hit 40 weeks. I have never dilated without the help of medical intervention and I was really hoping this might be the time. In order to "help" things along and because I get crazy late-pregnancy nesting energy, I decided to spend a day doing some serious yard work. I push-mowed and weeded and trimmed and pulled out an entire tree... I spent all day outside and when night hit, I felt satisfied (although it did nothing to further my labor readiness) but also aware that the extra 40 pounds I was carrying had seriously messed up my foot. I didn't know exactly what was wrong but I figured my scheduled induction would give me enough time to rest my foot and have it heal.

Well, four weeks later and lots of time spent with my foot elevated, iced, and wrapped, I was still in a lot of pain. I was wearing tennis shoes with knee-length shorts - I looked so frumpy mom-ish and it was doing nothing for my post-baby self-esteem. I decided to go see a foot doctor and luckily I had a nice OBGYN that gave me a reference so I could get in fast. At the appointment, I learned that I had a pulled joint capsule - a hard to heal injury that there was not much the doctor could do. He wanted to make some special insoles for my shoes so he put in some templates that I was instructed to wear for the next two weeks so he could determine where I needed extra support.

Two weeks later, I returned to the doctor. He pulled out the insoles and gave me the best compliment I have ever received, "These look like the insoles of a 300 pound construction worker!"

"Well, I am on my feet most of the day."

"You don't need to tell me that. I can clearly see that. You obviously use your feet and we are going to find a way to give you some better support because this is crazy."

It felt like the best validation of all that I do...

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Micah Taylor said...

I love this. so much. :)