Star wars and more...

 We did Star Wars with the three oldest and The Dunkleys.

We were looking so good in our costumes that the official cosplay crew that The Village hired asked to take their picture with us. Vader was legitimately creepy breathing. 

Thursday - Fielding had his Christmas program at school.

Friday we had our first snow fall - we walked out of Walmart to it and Luna thought it was magical.

Saturday was piano recital for the three oldest.

And Cosie's dance recital.

And the kids still found time to make a snowman.

Sunday we FINALLY let the kids bust into the gingerbread house/train kits that Dad had won at a white elephant exchange - the sugar mess was spectacular. 

It was a full week of good Christmas things... I feel like we have checked most of our Christmas to-do's off our list and now we can just cozy up and countdown these last few days until the main event!

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Jana Weaver said...

Your Star Wars costumes are awesome, so fun you included your kids this time. Merry Christmas! I loved your card and your creative web of the year!