We have been donning ugly Christmas sweaters and sipping more than our fair share of hot cocoa. We dived right into the holidays and I have very little photographic evidence of any of it.

* Failed Santa visit #1:
We ended up at the mall with Julie for a pretzel date. There was no line for Santa so I thought it would be fun to take the two littles to see The Big Guy. It was a commercialized disaster even though I told the first elf right off the bat,
"We are just here to say HI."
"Oh that is fine - we just need your email to let you in... blah, blah, blah."
Repeated 3 times to 3 different "elves".

Perry was all about him and hugged and posed and I am sure the pictures are adorable - I refused to look at them because I told them no less than 10 times that I wasn't there for pictures. Luna was not so sure about him and gave him a quick five and bolted the other direction. Visiting Santa should be magical and about the kids... stop trying to sell me junk.

*Failed Santa visit #2:
Today was early release so I decided it would be a good chance to go see "The Village Santa" where although they still take pictures they haven't lost the magic and Santa stays in character. I figured at 2pm there would be very low demand for Santa but as soon as we pulled up I knew there would be tears. The line looked about 2 hours long (outside in the 25 degree weather) and Santa takes a break at 3:30 to feed the reindeer - total bust... no Santa - much to Fielding and Perry's dismay. 

*Live nativity with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor:
Cold but the kids did well. Luna and Perry were surprising engaged with the whole presentation even if they could barely see in their bundle of coats, gloves, and hats.

*Church breakfast:
Our ward is huge so it is very much bring your own food - I made cinnamon rolls and a breakfast casserole. The kids all had a successful visit to Santa although church-function-Santa's make me cringe because they are usually amateurs in a rented suit and you never know if they will break character with a "I saw you in Primary and you were being so reverent." line.

*Blake's work party:
Small talk at it's finest... it gives me anxiety just remembering it. But the kids loved the white elephant exchange and there was spinach dip! Oh and whatever alcoholic beverage was being served smelt like vinegar soaked cabbage - so gross.

*Red barn nativity:
The Hunts built an awesome barn and invited a group over to act out the nativity... complete with live sheep. It was a blast even if Luna and Perry both had fantastically embarrassing meltdowns throughout the night.

This week is school, dance, and piano recitals so we will keep on festivating... oh and the Star Wars premiere - definitely dressing up for that one.

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