Weaver party...

Blake's cousins, Jana and Christopher, came for the weekend with their 4 kids. It was a party for all involved. Here is the top 10 from their visit:

10. Endless arts and crafts by the big girls.

9. Legos - Legos - Legos... we could barely get the boys to do much of anything else.

8. Homemade snow cones!

7. Boise river float with half the population of Boise.

6. Yummy BBQ at Tim and Jo's. (These two were so similar - it was fun to see them together).

5. Homemade ice cream!

4. A few meltdowns - with that many kids it was bound to happen.

3. Games!!! We welcome any and every one to our house but are particularly fond of you if you like games!

2. Water balloon fun.

1. A final spin on the tire swing with all nine kids before the Weaver's said adios.

It was a kid party weekend and this is how Perry felt about it coming to an end.


Jo said...

So glad they came and we were able to party with you!

Danielle said...

I LOVE your haircut!! You look beautiful!

Jana Weaver said...

We loved our weekend together, thank you so much!!

Britt said...

Looks like you partied hard!