Totality was totally legit...

 We started talking about The Great American Eclipse about six months ago. Three months ago, I made "reservations" for my family, Hank's family, and Tim and Jo at my sister Jaci's house in Rexburg so we could be in the line of totality. We watched numerous videos (thanks to Hank's enthusiasm), downloaded some apps, and read a few articles. Blake took the day off - we traveled 4 plus hours - we had our car packed with food/water just in case. As far as your average American is concerned, we were much prepared for Monday's show.

Even with 6 months of preparations - nothing could have prepared me for what we got to witness.

It was amazing...

And not in the way that we throw the word amazing around these days. These chicken wings are amazing. No - not that.

Amazing! As in astonishing... startlingly impressive... awe inspiring. That kind of amazing!

It was unlike anything I have witnessed before. We put in our hour of waiting as the moon slowly crept over the sun. Two minutes to totality things got fantastic. There was the shadow snakes, baily's beads, and the diamond ring. All these things were neat - we knew they were going to happen and they did and that was great to see with the safety of our eclipse glasses. But then totality was reached and all the hype made sense. Once I was able to take off those glasses - it was unbelievable. I was on a different planet for surely this does not happen on the Earth that I have always known and loved. I first took in the darkness making a 360 degree sunset - it was beautiful and bathed everyone present in the most glorious light I have ever seen. And then I looked up. Looking strait at the moon with the solar corona flaring out on all sides - wow, I am believer... sign me up for whatever cult it is that worships these things. It was celestial, spiritual, bigger than anything I have physically witnessed. The only other experience I can relate it to that lies on the same magnitude is childbirth. Science can explain the ins and outs of both but you can't experience either of them without feeling a touch of Godliness to it.

Unlike childbirth, the eclipse was public in it's nature. Due to this, it also contained a sense of unity with all those also observing this cosmic phenomenon. That was something I wasn't expecting. How fun it was to be with other people while witnessing this. We watched with 2 dozen family members - Taylor-side and Anderson-side alike. I loved how the eclipse lowered every last one of our inhibitions. There were tears, kisses, screaming, and a lot of running around saying "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was the fastest two and half minutes of my life and I could have bathed in that level of crazy for hours more. Forget taking pictures of the sun/moon combo - they don't even come close to capturing the magnitude of what you are witnessing - I want photos of the spectators. In fact, last night when Blake and I were trying to find an image online to sum up our experience - we both loved this one:

Yea - it was kind of like that.

We spent the 5 hours driving home (we had about an hour traffic delay which wasn't bad at all) researching (when the network wasn't down from everyone Facebooking the eclipse) just how we could experience this again. There is Argentina in 2019 that has us dreaming and we will be hitting up the East coast for sure in 2024. Never before have I had such a desire to go to Missouri - where the totality lasts for 4 plus minutes!

That is how thrilling it was... one hit and I am addicted.

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Jo said...

Well said. Thanks for letting us come with you! I was thinking that I would like to experience a future one too.