RODS triathalon...

 One of our Summer goals was for the kids to run a race. I was having trouble finding one on an open weekend that had a fun spin (color/bubble/etc.) until I saw an advertisement for the RODS youth triathlon. That was something we hadn't done yet and the price was right... so I signed Paisley up.

And Fielding and Cosette for the 1 mile fun run - they weren't quite ready for the swim length - next year though!

Paisley was super excited for this new challenge.

Until she finished her 3 up and back laps (150 yards) and realized "Oh man - this is hard!"

The 5k bike ride went a bit better for her.

And the 1k run would have been nothing but she is recovering from a bad cold and her coughing fits gave her bad side aches.

She got through it and collapsed in tears - not happy at her mom with the camera. I wish she had felt 100% - it was a good experience but would have been better if she felt better.

Cosie rocked her mile.

As well as Fielding... the wait for the kiddie run to start about did him in though... and his mom who he was hanging all over in the heat.

The Y does such a good job on their events.

Good price complete with shirts, hats, water bottles, medals, numbers, and post-race snacks.

This event was also great because it was an all abilities race which was a good thing to show my kids that those with limits are usually far less limited then we think.

Very inspiring!

The whole thing got Blake and I thinking - a triathlon might just have to be one of our next events. And I got to get my kids swimming laps in preparation for next year - such a fun event.


Kristen said...

I think it is so great how young your kids are and how much they run (I remember dreading 7th grade gym because it meant running a mile for the first time in my life). My kid loves to run around, so I want to get him into a race this fall (it is too hot here in summer). How do you get your kids used to the distance? Do they run with you? (I run in the mornings, but before he wakes up). Or do they just stay active, and they can handle the distance at race time? I think my expectations are way to low with kids and running, and I'd love your perspective!

AndersonGR8 said...

What a great event for the kids and especially Paisley. Good to challenge our physical self from time to time. The kids did awesome and it is good to see the big smiles at the end of the events.
Keep 'em active.