As of today, Blake is pushing 40...

But in reality it is like he is pushing 90 because he choose beets for his birthday meal... yuck, I don't know what to do with this old man. I chopped them outside on our art table because there is no way I was letting those things touch my white countertops.
 I guess the only thing to do is spend the afternoon making beet puns - 

My heart beets for you.
Beets me why - but I do love you.
These beets can't be beet.

Anyways, I had high hopes of a fun 35 post... but Blake got a new game, Feast for Odin, so got to go see if I can BEET the birthday boy at his own game.


AndersonGR8 said...

Beets the heck out of me why someone would choose beets for their birthday dinner - but each to their own.
Hope it was a an unbeetable meal!
Happy Birthday Blake.

Trisha said...

My mom has a recipe for beet cake. It is pretty much just chocolate cake but it has beets in it, I believe, to help with the moisture.