Tripod Lake Top Ten...

Went camping with two friends this past weekend - The Hunts and The Katseanas. Between us we had 11 kids, 2 canoes, and enough granola bars to supply a small country. Here are the top ten memories made:

10. Fielding the Great White Hunter was in full force... this kid caught tadpoles, fish, and giant toads. He spotted squirrels, snakes, bald eagles, and osprey.

9. Two canoes are better than one. Thanks Hunts for bringing yours so we could more fully enjoy our paddle/competitive racing around the lake.

8. Tadpole Land - we spent the evening catching endless tadpoles and then the night catching endless toads.

7. Kids and dirt and sticks and endless snacks - I don't think the littles had too many complaints.

6. The rope swing - Blake mastered the art of the back flip thanks to Logan's coaching and Julie represented the girls with her mad skills.

 5. Sophia's dirt angels - they were magnificent works of art.

4. The brief moment when Spencer and Luna were getting along.

3. Paisley's fish - casted, reeled, and landed it herself.

2. The first fish Blake caught was decent sized and Fielding demanded that we cook it. He ate almost the entire thing even though we had just pigged out on scalloped potatoes, baked beans, and peach cobbler.

1. The Tripod Lake Swim Team - the boys swam the length of the lake up and back... well more like Logan swam the lake while Blake and Chad tried to not drown.


Pops said...

Great recap of what looked like a fun filled weekend.

Caley and Logan said...

Oh how fun! I'm enjoying perusing your blog! What a great compilation of memories!