Photo-less fourth...

Did our fourth... I've blogged it so much in year's past the pictures all look the same so I skipped the camera for most of the festivities.

I've always wanted to do a before and after post for the fourth but by 11pm, I am too far gone to organize the snapshot. I thought I would do it this year... here is the before:

And here is the non-existant after:

Maybe next year I'll actually get to it... maybe.

Due to the river flooding, we did have to change a few traditions and skip our annual float and fireworks downtown. But we still made it memorable. We did the Melba parade, BBQ with Blake's parents, built a sandbox, BBQ with friends, cereal box battles (the most hilarious use of small fireworks I have ever seen), and then piƱata with a view of the big fireworks at our neighbor's house.

It was hot and busy and full of tasty treats - just how we like to spend our Independence Day!

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AndersonGR8 said...

Sounds like a perfect Independence Day - Made me smile to see the before and after references.