Kara comes...

Kara came for 3 days - she showed up at 5am so it was a nice morning surprise for the kiddos when they came to my room that morning. (I have no energy to rotate this photo.)

We swam,

we ate,

we ran,

and we tried to entertain the kiddos.

We are on a puzzle kick again... the 90's one didn't disappoint Britt!

Especially when Perry pointed to Homer Simpson and asked, "Is that Donald Trump?"
"Yes - Yes it is."

Games - Kara playing marbles with the girls and Agricola with the adults simultaneously... and she still won!

Lego of America at the mall was a huge hit and we could have spent 4 times as long there.

Taking Sonic slush orders during Happy Hour after a failed crawdad hunting trip to the river.

Bowling at Big Al's.

We also hit up Sizzler thanks to library kids meals - It was my second time to Sizzler in my life and it was packed. I kept saying, "I didn't know people ate here." The salad bar was surprisingly delicious and Blake's chocolate self-serve looked an awful lot like poop (I missed the photo op.)

Thanks Kara for coming - you make me feel like a stronger mama... especially when I beat you to the top of the hill (hahaha - Just kidding - I love you!)


Britt said...

Yay!!! Glad the puzzle made it safely into your life. Hope you didn't mind the six months it took me to get it to you.

AndersonGR8 said...

Kara is wonder woman in disguise...