Jennie Lake backpacking...

We did it - we kept up our backpacking with kids tradition for the second year. We hope to do this year after year until we can successfully do a 50-miler as a family. We like to up the ante each time so although we stuck with about the same distance of about 10 miles round trip, we added some nice elevation gain compared to last year's Hell Roaring trip.

We were planning on taking all the kiddos but Grandma Taylor graciously offered to keep Luna for the night and we jumped at that chance. Luna would have loved it but it simplified things greatly for us... like Blake only had to pack 3 sleeping bags on his pack instead of 4.

The first adventure was getting to the trailhead. The road up past Idaho City is crazy winding and I didn't speak in fear of puking my guts out. It was by far the worst part of all of it and I was so happy to finally arrive... fresh mountain air never felt so good.

Heading in:

Perry was a trooper - he walked 80% of the way thanks to fruit snacks and stories. The other 20% he was pulled, carried, and shoulder-ride-ed in.

There were thousands of butterflies of all sorts of variety - it was incredible.

The last mile was a push. My favorite part was, "You need to go or I'll throw a stick at you." - Blake

We arrived!!! We didn't realize that one side of the lake was all burned out from last year's big fire... it was fine but just made all of us and all our stuff black by the end of it.

 These kids are awesomely tough - Paisley carried her pack in and out even though she felt lousy the first day, Cosette carried hers for the majority of the way, and Fielding was our water boy and did great with his camelback pack. Fielding was the first one into camp and back to the car... someday he will be a scoutmaster's dream scout.

We set up camp - 

And ate some hard-earned "camping noodles."

Then Cosette, Perry, and I set off to explore around the lake.

Hunting out pollywogs.

The wildflowers were the best I have ever seen.

Paisley, Fielding, and Blake stayed back to fish. 

They were successful.

So we ate some of those and some pudding for dessert.

 And chilled by the fire until we all got tired.

Night was the adventure that it always is when camping but morning came nice and sunny. We had breakfast, hiked the lake again, more fishing, and ate Paisley's "King of the Trouts." Biggest mountain lake fish I have ever seen.

It made a delicious second breakfast.

The kiddos played in the nearby creek while we packed up camp.

Ready to head out.

So long Jennie Lake - you were good fun!

We made it back down the mountain - stopping to make some ramen on the side of the trail. The kids held up better going out then coming in and we made it to the car - filthy, wet (Perry accidently fell in the water anytime we encountered it), and exhausted.

Go Team Taylor! 

 Thank you Blake for being the one person crazy enough to drag 4 kiddos along with me up a mountain. It is not for the faint of heart and I am glad that as far as hearts go - yours is the best one I have ever met.


AndersonGR8 said...

What an amazing adventure. So happy that you were able to get this backpacking fun in one more time. As those great kids get older it will only make for sweeter memories for sure. Can I come next time?

Jo said...

I'm impressed!

Micah Taylor said...

You guys are champions! That looks like a lot of work and a lot of fun :)