We have survived 40 days of Summer break and we have 40 more left. We are halfway there people - we just might make it through!

In no particular order here is the latest madness:

Perry's b-day involved 5 buck pizza and Chuck-E-Cheese with his best buddy, Aaron.

Then a family party of presents and cake!

One of the cutest 4-year-olds I know.

Blake gave a talk at church and talked about his blue hair from high school. Naturally people wanted photographic evidence... which I was happy to supply.

Kids finished all the levels of Summer reading at the library... free kids meals at Chipotle as one of their awards - oh yeah!!!

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE the library - almost as much as Luna loved her grub!

We finished Perry's boat sandbox. I love it and he loves it.

My niece Phoenix came for 4 days - we took her swimming, boating, made her pull a few weeds, and the girls would giggle themselves to sleep every night.

The Dunkleys were generous and shared their boat with us for the evening. In Paisley's words, "This is AWESOME!"

Fielding, Phoenix, and Paisley all kneeboarded. Cosie wanted to try but we ran out of time.

The adults had a turn while the kids played at the dock and Blake and I both knee boarded and surfed - Blake also skied. I always forget how fun it is to be pulled behind a boat.  We finished the night on the tube as the sun set. Great family activity made all the greater because Grandma kept the two littlest which made everything 10 times easier.

Kids take whatever sleep they can get - Perry's choice of bed made me laugh.

Our neighbors got Pygmy goats - they are adorable.

Chick-fil-a cow appreciation day - always a good time especially with my dad here to help herd the herd.

That's the fun - I'll keep the frustrations to myself...

Well except the constant feeding part. Nothing makes me cringe more right now than the two words "I'm hungry!" Can everyone just stop eating for the next 40 days... Jesus did it - can't you?


HowellAZ said...

haha! Yes, a 40 day fast would be amazing. Avi constantly says "I'm hungry" with such dramatic effect. I'm not convinced she actually knows what those two words mean.

Pops said...

It also rained for 40 days - hope you don't get that...