A little bit more of summer...

It is supposed to be a week of over a hundred degree weather... I believe we have reached the dog days of summer. I have low expectations for the week - swim any chance we can and eat as many as Blake's birthday freebies as possible. We are well on our way to August - the month school starts - ahhhh... I like the way that sounds.

Here is the rest of July as far as my phone shows:

Perry is writing his name.

 Blanket babies.

Our corn is on and it taste like heaven.

Luna is over our weekly trips to Eagle Island... she crashed right out at our last one.

Backyard fun with friends... I love the shade our trees provide.

So far our metal detector has earned us .86 cents, 3 screws, and a dozen soda can tops this summer.

$5 in water balloons = 2 plus hours of happy kids. The key is to buy regular balloons - they are so much more durable and versatile to build "Big Daddy Ones" and "Bitty Baby Ones."

Old school fidget spinners at the thrift shop.

Fielding lost his first tooth - he has been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day!

I met my goal... I promised myself that I would not buy sunscreen this summer. Instead I would use all the dozen or so bottles of half used/sample size rub-on kind. I used them all up (and it lasted until now which goes to show how impressive our collection was) and celebrated by buying a spray-on bottle for our backpacking trip... I sun screened 4 kids in a matter of seconds - it was miraculous.

Well just got an invite to go swim - so we are off.

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AndersonGR8 said...

Those all look like red-letter days and events to me. Save us an ear of corn - or 6!