Perry is 4 and mastered the art of the awful fake smile!

  Paisley kept telling him to smile and I kept saying "No - tell him a joke instead."

She asked him, "What is a minion's favorite dinner?" But then she got distracted and never told us the rest...

I haven't been doing kiddo updates of late so I will try to get a few things about Perry on here - list style because that is all my summer brain can handle.

4 foods Perry will always eat:
*Grandma's peaches
*Plain tortillas

4 books Perry has read over 100 times:
(Notice a theme - he loves spooky stories - just ask Grandpa Anderson who he endlessly requests them from)

4 things he says he will be when he grows up:
*Construction worker
*Bus driver
*Garbage man

4 games he loves:
*Hide and seek
*Tickle monster
*Don't eat pete

4 things that make him cry:
*Having to go downstairs by himself
*Mom telling him that he can't eat anything for 15 minutes
*Cleaning up

4 things that make him smile:
*Mom putting on the song he requested in the car
*Teasing Luna - his undying love for her carries on
*When his big siblings play "the game" with him

4 things that he is good at:
*Directions in the car
*Getting tan
*Wailing - he doesn't cry that much but when he does it is an ear-splitting wail.

4 things that I just can't get enough of about Perry:
*His dark reflective blue eyes
*His love of factories
*That he looks like his daddy
*That if the only thing we ever did is read books all day - he would be 100% thrilled

Happy Birthday Perrito - you really do make me 'real' smile every day...


Jo said...

He's a good hugger and story teller too! What a smart kid.

Jana Weaver said...

Happy birthday Perry!! The lists are a fabulous idea and fun to read more about him.

AndersonGR8 said...

What a fun and energetic kid. Wish I could keep up with the roller and flips with him. Growing way to fast BTW.