The days are just packed...

In junior high, I ran the mile for track. My coach would only have one phrase of advice to give me before every race, "Pace yourself." He had clocked me enough to know that I was all over the board - he never knew on which lap he was going to get fast Cyndi or slow Cyndi. He would have preferred an even-paced Cyndi to either of those options but that was just something I couldn't commit to.

And summer is here and we hit the ground running and we are on our fast lap... it will all come to a crash and burn but for now we are enjoying a summer high.

Here are some highlights from that high...

Homemade ice cream - it actually ended up being freezing this day - go figure.

Sandwiches at the park - our daily lunch routine.

Swim lessons.

Duplos - pretty sure this might be the last time I catch Paisley playing with them so I had to take a picture.

 Some recreational swimming.

With a gun show every now and then from these two goobers. The difference in skin tones between these two is astounding.

Our favorite pond - the morning of the day they released the closure statement for E.Coli - so far we are in the clear. I am really not all that worried - I just feel bad that we had invited friends. It's one thing to give your own kid a bacterial infection but a whole different story when it is your friend's.

Dance camp for the girls.

 Jammy parties - much more pictures to come of the fun we had with our California cousins.

The tragedy... of all the branches on all the trees in this yard this is the one that had to snap?!? This swing was an icon of our backyard and has already had over 100 different kids/teenagers spun to oblivion on it. It will be relocated but it will never be the same.

Art - Perry is doing art!!! This is huge - the older kids being home all day have made a positive impact on his fine motor skills. 

Father's day breakfast without father... we let him sleep in which is a rare thing for Blake. I told him after he came up, "I would have brought you breakfast in bed but I couldn't think of anything you would hate more." He agreed.

Looking spiffy for church! Fielding is killing me in this picture. And the color scheme was all Paisley - "I'd wear your favorite color just so I can match your eyes!"

Dress-ups got resurrected - thanks to some old home videos where the kids saw how much fun they used to have being unicorns and pirates.

Pancake mornings - which would be every morning if Perry had his way.

 Found Grandma Anderson at The Village. Cousin Ashley introduced the girls to Charming Charlies - they were impressed.

Like I said the days are just packed... And I am trying to remember to pace myself.

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Jana Weaver said...

That is soooo sad about your tree! All those blue eyes!! I love that Paisley had everyone match for Father's Day...it really looks amazing! Looks like a fun summer so far, and exhausting.