Survived our first week of Summer break...

Made some rules in the process.

#1 - Do not ask "Mom, what are we doing after this?" Especially if you are swimming in a pool surrounded by friends. I promise you we will have fun - just don't ask me what that fun will be because it is all subjective to if Luna needs a nap, or if Perry is freaking out, or if another storm is rolling. Along these lines also don't ask, "What are we going to eat for lunch?" when it is only 9am and "How long before we leave to go ______?"

#2 - One meal per day must be eaten away from home. Sandwiches at the park, $5 pizza by the lake, whatever random leftover chips/crackers/granola bars I can grab from the cupboard in the car. The feeding of 5 little people is an all day occurrence so the mess has to occur away from my kitchen at least once a day or mama starts going mad.

#3 - Don't put your swimsuit in the hamper - just hang it to dry or you will not have it the next time we need it.

#4 - If Mom is putting Luna down for a nap - no one is allowed to say my name.

#5 - Date night every Friday - no exceptions... unless you want to start having to visit me at the insane asylum.

I had just gotten back in the habit of photo taking but the whole crew around put a damper on that again. Here are a few shots from my phone:

At the park... always at the park.

At Wal-Mart... always at Wal-Mart.

At the doctor... always at the doctor. Why was this book ever made?

Finished my barn wood wall in our master... someday I will stage a lovely picture but this is all I got for now. All house projects now on hold as we try to survive Summer.

Public Works Expo - lots of talk about poop which led to lots of smiles.

Perry and Luna can not get better... they are lethargic all day and cough themselves awake all night... it is an exhausting combo. Here Perry has informed me, "I can not walk to the park - my legs are too sleepy."

The girls made skirts at Grandma's - thank goodness we live by Grandma!

Fielding finished soccer - he really loved it and made me realize it is time to bite the bullet and find him an activity that last more than a month... he is ready.

Summer madness is here - sorry if the level of crazy goes up in my voice on here... endless sun screening 5 little bodies will do that to a person.

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Jana Weaver said...

I love the new wall! I need to prioritize the date night better, do you just have a consistent babysitter lined up or do you call someone new every week? Getting a babysitter is one of my least favorite jobs.