My week in status updates...

Sunday: Lesson on obedience... somehow Facebook got dragged into it... I don't know where I was going with that and would like to make an official apology to the class.

Monday: Just when you think you are making progress as a parent you catch your son eating cereal with a fork.

Tuesday:  Luna is singing Shake Your Booty to the babysitter - would have been humorous had we not just been talking about the fact that Perry was saying the F-word for the last 2 hours that I was away. My kids are turning into dirty-mouthed heathens.

Wednesday: It is never going to get dark - I want to sleep but have to shut the coop first... the chickens don't realize it was bedtime 2 hours ago.

Thursday: Blake's been gone all week - I have no incentive to make food... thank you Grandma and Sonic .50 cent corndogs for feeding us.

Friday: An afternoon out back with multiple friends coming and going, our favorite parade, and Blake's text saying he is coming home tonight instead of tomorrow... this Friday is shaping up to be A-OK!!!

Blake and the boys that so willingly put their trust in him - 50 mile canoe trip on the Snake - can't wait to hear the details.

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