Cousin parties...

We have been loving all the cousin action that has been coming to Boise.

First, 4 days with California Taylor cousins! It was a great week especially since it was when Blake was away at high adventure. We played hard and the kids loved it.

First we pajama partied at Grandma Taylor's!

These three were killing me with their cuteness in their octopus jammies.

The next day was fort building and sprinklers at our place.

Thursday was water balloons, popsicles, and a movie at Grandmas.

Friday we finished with a bang at the Dairy Days Parade.

Deacon was a pro.

 This girl stole my heart when a lady kneeled down and offered her this sucker. She turned around and carried it all the way back to me with this goofy smile on her face. The funny thing was she had one just like it in the other hand already. But this one was presented just to her and she knew it!

After we finished up with Taylor cousins, Christy and her three youngest snuck in late Friday night so we had them to play with for most of Saturday and Sunday.

There was much selfie-ing involved. Christy takes more pictures than me which I thought wasn't possible.

We also got to visit with who we deem as honoree cousins, The Howells from Arizona, on Saturday at the splash pad. My kids ate all their food which makes us practically family - right?

(I have more pictures on my phone but it has fritzed out so I can't get them on here.)

And just yesterday, Mom and Dad came in with Ashley, Natalie, and Gavin. They helped me assemble the kids Home Depot birdhouse projects that I was avoiding, came swimming with us, and then we left the kids to fend for themselves with the help of build-your-own-pizzas and the new Power Rangers movie while Dad treated Blake, Mom, and I to Barbacoa. It was a lovely and unexpected night out to what is one of the best restaurants in town. We stuffed ourselves silly with guacamole, flaming steaks, and chile rellanos then came home only to make cookies and ice cream... It was a great night!

Alright so who's next - any cousins or friends-like-unto-it that want to come stay at the Taylor hotel?

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Jana Weaver said...

We seriously do...we need to talk about dates!