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I have no less than 12 flyers on my fridge telling me all the fun we will have these last 3 weeks of school. Don't these teachers know that I am in charge of a whole summer full of fun and that I wouldn't mind if we continued as business as usual for this last push - you know do school stuff instead of party, party, party. No - I don't want to come to 3 different field days, 2 different Mother's Day celebrations, the school carnival, the school picnic, 2 music programs, and 3 separate award assemblies. I get stressed out every time I look at my fridge because I know my kids are counting on me being there which means babysitting arrangements and trips to Wal-Mart for nasty store-bought cupcakes are in order. Aghhhh!!!

Besides the above mentioned activities, we also did Art Gallery Night. My favorite school sponsored event.

Watched the school play directed by Paisley's phenomenal teacher:

Paisley had her music program:

And Fielding brought home this gem of homework:

I love school and am really, really, really, really, really sad that it is coming to an end.

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Pops said...

Too much fun to wrap up the end of the school year.
So many fun opportunities for those kiddos - and their mom!