Memorial Day Madness...

 Memorial Day is like a bonus holiday... no work for Blake, usually warm, no crazy-tradition-overkill, and a way to remember those I miss dearly. It is quickly rising to the top of my favorite holiday list.

We started with runs. Blake on his own and Paisley joined me for 3 miles... this girl is one tough cookie! Then we pushed out two hours of yard work from everyone... there was much whining involved. After we put a very small dent in the weed situation , we ate some biscuits and gravy, switched out to swimsuits, and loaded up the mini-van.

Summer break survival tip - give each kid a white board and marker in the car... just make sure you have one for every kid including the 2-year-old that just draws all over her legs. The kids playing "cousin hangman" - perk of a large family is that this was still a challenge.

 Stopped by a random house to buy a canoe to add to our quickly expanding collection. Took it to the new water complex downtown - Esther Simplot Park... it was amazing even if so crowded that you couldn't get a picture without half a dozen people in the background.

We stayed for hours then were about to leave when Kelsey just so happened to pull in. She let us try out her paddle board which Blake rocked and I wobbled all over the pond on.

Then we were late for the next party so we quickly loaded up and headed to our friends for a pool party - stopping at Albertsons in route to provide some food for the party and our starving selves.

We re-sunscreened and the kids swam and swam and swam. It takes quite a bit to sun me out but by the end I was ready to go find some real clothes and to stop having to worry about this little fish trying to drown herself... like everything she is fearless around water.

We headed home where the kids crashed hard still wrinkly from the water and slightly pink from the sun. It was a fantastically full day that has me excited for summer... if only Blake didn't have to work.

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Jana Weaver said...

Looks like a wonderful, memorable day! I love the last picture of Luna enjoying her ice cream!