Just a Monday...

I've been lousy about taking pictures since we got back from our trip over a month ago... so I decided to go all in and try to document our whole day in an effort to get back in the habit. Nothing super extraordinarily happened - just your average Monday - but just in case you were wondering here is what we did today.

5:30am - Wake up. Just kidding. But do wake up enough to go pee and kiss Blake goodbye as he goes off to run - up a mountain - for fun - on a Monday morning - before the suns even up... Because he is crazy!

6:30am - Really wake up - totally thrilled that for the first time in months Luna has slept all night. Read my scriptures and scroll my phone until Perry comes in at 7 - on the dot - like every morning since before the dawn of man.

7am - Head upstairs with Perry. Find some breakfast. Fred Meyers had a sale on their cool-box-brand cereals and my kids have been in heaven having something to stare at as they eat their cereal.

7:15am - Luna arrives on the scene and immediately begins a war over the cereal box. Reason #135 to buy the off-brand.  

7:30am - Fielding, Perry, and Luna have been breakfasted so I find the morning toy for the day. Every day I pull out something the kids can destroy the living room with while I get my morning tasks done - today was the playhouse and the play food. It bought me 20 minutes.

7:45am - Paisley loses a tooth while flossing (I take no credit for this healthy habit - I didn't start flossing regularly until after college).  I immediately put a reminder in my phone because the tooth fairy is out of practice.

8am - I scramble to get lunches made, encourage piano practicing, start laundry, straiten up bedrooms, get all the little people clothed, find my gym attire, pack my bag, etc...

 8:35am - Girls scramble out the door to make the bus just in time and I survey the damage. It will all have to wait for later... I make the call for them to all get their shoes on and in the car.

 9am - Start to load kids in the car (20 minutes after I first made the suggestion - I could write an entire blog post about the intricacies of getting a 2, 4, and 6 year-old into a vehicle properly shoe-d, fed, and bathroom-ed but I will spare you the pain).  Once they are all properly restrained, I take this moment to literally run around the yard freeing the chickens, checking their food, feeding the pigs, and mentally taking note of the 50 things that we should probably get done in the yard.

9:20am - Hit the gym. Enjoy a run, some weights, a swim, and the luxury of showering without an audience. Then off to get groceries.

Fielding maned the list.

And Luna the ice cream! Tillamook is 2/$5 at Fred Meyers - I highly recommend you go buy some!

11:30am - Back home before the ice cream melts and get the kids set up with lunch. Cheesy butterflies led to cheesy smiles.

12pm - Kids color, eat, smash crackers, spill water, and destroy another room before it is time to head out to get Fielding on his bus.

12:15 - Head out for the bus. The ditch is running so it makes the wait enjoyable...

...Until Luna decides to go wading in during the half-a-second that I was distracted signing Fielding's permission slip. Rarely a day goes by that she doesn't need an outfit change before naptime.

12:30pm - Back in and Perry immediatly asks to watch a show. He has to clean up the play food in the living room and this buys me a good 30 minutes. He is the worst cleaner - I am working on it but he would just prefer to lay on the floor and roll around so I let him do that. I get Luna all settled down for her nap and eventually offer to help him out. We get the living room cleaned up and he gets to have his favorite part of the day.

1pm - I get cleaning. I know you aren't supposed to clean during naptime but if I didn't clean during naptime we would be living in something akin to a landfill. Kitchen wiped down, swept, and mopped. I usually don't mop on Mondays but our pig party threw off my routine and my feet were beginning to stick so it was time.

Moping with a cold is not fun... I mop on my hands and knees which is a prime position for snot to flow. I have been fighting a cold for over a week and am so tired of it.

1:30pm - Next up laundry. Laundry is a beast on Monday because I take one day off - Sunday - which follows Saturday and everyone knows that at least 5 loads of laundry are generated on any given weekend around here. So I fold and fold and fold while listening to This American Life and complying with Perry's demands for food/different show "because I am scared" (sometimes even Little Einsteins can scare him - the boy has a faint heart).

2:30 - Luna is up and the show has lost it's magical powers so we head to the kitchen to make after-school snack. Rice Krispy treats because I found two half-used bags of almost-dead marshmallows while cleaning. Side note - Luna dressed herself in Cosie's tank after nap before coming upstairs.

 3pm - Find Luna some real clothes and load up the library bag to head to Perry's favorite destination. Get new books, shows, and CD's while Perry plays MagnaTiles/computer and Luna defiles the water dispenser.

4:30pm - Make it home just as the bus rolls up. Girls grab piano bags and a Rice Krispy treat to eat on our way to piano lessons. Paisley acted so "teenager-y" when I snapped this picture. "Oh mom - please don't." As she covered her face with her hands. She has never turned from the camera so this new development has officially freaked me out.

5pm - While the girls do piano - the littles and I hit up a new park that we saw in a new housing development.

I don't know if we will be going back - it wasn't Luna proof.

And this going to the park during piano is a normal occurrence and every time without fail a certain child informs me they need to poop 5 minutes in. No matter that I told him to go before hand and to "push extra hard" - it is one of those maddening things that only a mom of small children could understand.

5:30pm - Home to make dinner. Like loading small children into a van - I will spare you the details but we survived once more, dad gloriously walked in the door with the girls from piano, and we all enjoyed a yummy meal.

6:30pm - Dinner cleaned up and Dad sitting down to help Fielding with his Family Home Evening lesson while I do a bit more laundry.

 7pm - Family Home Evening time. Fielding gave a lesson on showing love and Cosette chose cookies and ice cream for treat.

7:30pm - Kids wrote cards to those they love while eating their treat.

7:30pm - Mom can't handle the messiness any longer... even if it is a cute mess. Get everyone and everything cleaned up one last time and sit to read some books on the couch with the littles while Blake and the older girls head out to get the farm chores done.

8pm - Boys make an escape outside to have dad read them a chapter out of their chapter book that they read with him each night and I take advantage of the quiet house to put Luna to bed. Finally go out to bring them and the girls in - do last minute bedtime routine stuff, get the boys in bed, and the girls reading quietly in their room.

8:30pm - Sit down to blog it all out as I am interrupted multiple times with kiddo questions, homework help requests, and a drippy nose begging for a tissue.

10:20pm - Finish her up and follow my hubby to bed.


Jana Weaver said...

Tillamook mint chocolate chip is my favorite! Hope you get feeling better soon.

HowellAZ said...

Funny that I feel this ordinary Monday posts is one of my favorites yet! Maybe because I related to the needing to poo 5 min in to the park visit thing (oh, kids), or maybe just because I miss my Taylors! I'm now exhausted from reading about your day...I gotta go take a nap! ;)