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Spring is here in all its glory... on the occasion that the wind stops then we are outside.

The piggies are too stinky this year so in June we will have to give up raising hogs for a bit. The harsh winter and rainy spring just saturated their pen too much. We can't get it to dry up or for the smell to dissipate. We have a not-so-happy neighbor with a sensitive nose so before he called the cops we agreed that this would be our last batch. We are thinking maybe goats or sheep for our next animal adventure.

Perry is into floating things down our ditch and since this is frowned upon and we are trying VERY HARD to be good neighbors, we often walk to the pond by our house where he can float sticks to his hearts content.

Luna likes the trees there and says on repeat, "Climb, climb, climb." This girl doesn't possess an ounce of fear.

Our "true loves" bloomed!

Lots of walks and lots of dirty bums.

Birdie is back this year making massive nests in our grill - like always.

We have a not so friendly fox that has been visiting us each morning this week. This was this morning and it is eating the leftover marshmallows from the birthday party.

Unfortunately, he took out half our flock in the course of a few minutes on Sunday and Monday. The chickens are now being cooped up until our hunter friend can come trap the fox and relocate her to a less "small children play here" area.

My kids and water - there is an undying love for it. Perry gets soaked daily.

And Luna almost hourly. This girl is the dirtiest little farm girl around. She is always filthy and bruised and scratched. She is the toughest two year old I have ever met and loves her free-range lifestyle.

 Until she took it a little too far today... I was out back picking up sticks (hundreds of sticks fall from our trees nightly - ugh) when she started screaming. I couldn't find her or where the screams were coming from. Finally, Perry said, "She is in the coop!" And sure enough there she was - completely freaking out the chickens. She had climbed up the run and by the time I made it over was at the windows sobbing, "Bite - bite - bite." Our chickens have never bit before but maybe since their personal space was so invaded they attacked. I don't think she will repeat this performance. Luckily, I had just cleaned out the coop yesterday or this story would have been 10 times grosser.

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AndersonGR8 said...

I love these down on the farm posts! The events really come to life. It sounds like it is time for Luna and Perry to spend a week at Aunt Christy's.