Paisley-Face had her birthday today!!!

We celebrated with waffles for breakfast, school lunch break with pizza at the park with friends, and a Candyland party after school.

Her only request for her birthday was this Twix cake.

Dinner! Paisley is a foodie and she changed her mind over and over on what to eat because she just couldn't decide. Her final choice was hamburgers, fruit, and frozen lemonade.

After dinner, we headed out for games. Candy Pop!

Jellybean Relays.

And Queen Frostine for the win... shower caps with whipped cream while teams throw colored mini-marshmallows to stick.

My sister Jaci had given me the recommendation and I knew Paisley would love it!

FInished the party off with presents.

And cake!

 Paisley is fun to celebrate - she loves to party! And I just have to say it... 10... double digits... what the heck? This is still the Paisley-Face I remember:

This face changed my life... in an instant she made me a mom. Yet, 10 years later I am still trying to figure out just how I go about being HER mom. I am grateful Paisley is my first - she is forgiving and understanding. She knows me well and tries so hard to diffuse the tension that can rise in our home with so many little people demanding so many things from me at once. She offers stories and games and useful distractions when they are needed most. Luna and her have an amazing bond - they remind me of each other and I love how good Paisley is with her. In fact, I am {this close} to putting them in the same bed and letting them snuggle the night away. 

I always tell people that Paisley was born big, has always been big, and will always be big - I mean that physically but also emotionally and socially... her favorite thing in the world is to sit with the adults and converse with people 3 times her age. I am constantly telling her to go play - but according to her - "Talking is just as fun as playing, Mom." 

Happy Birthday Paisley - you came into this world with big curious eyes that seemed to say "Is all this for me?" You still got that wonder in them and I hope you never lose it. Life is a joy to you and it is contagious - thanks for a decade worth of smiles!


Jo said...

She is a very special girl! Looks like the party was a huge success and I'm sure she appreciated all that you did to make it so.
When she was helping us take down the fence, she said, "My mom is going to do some awesome things with all this wood." She admires you and your talents.

AndersonGR8 said...

Wish we could have been there for the big "1 0". Paisley inherited that extra "party" gene that seems to reoccur in the family often. She brightens every visit and event. Happy Birthday Paisley!

Jana Weaver said...

Happy birthday Paisley!! I can hardly believe you're 10!! You are always so fun and kind and considerate and helpful! I'm sure glad you and Kate have a great bond!