The undocumented spring break...

Last week was Spring break. I didn't take a single picture on my phone or camera - oh wait... Saturday there was this series called Luna Licks the Bowl:

It has kind of blurred together but sometime in the last week we:
*Went to the park
*Played with friends
*Visited Blackfoot, Idaho Falls, and Rexburg
*Watched Moana for the first time
*Drove home in an unexpected blizzard
*Had a ultra-long babysitter come so we could do a much-needed dinner and a movie date (those are rare!)
*Went to the doctor
*Watched General Conference
*Ate crepes and cinnamon rolls and french toast and brownies and ice cream... all within 48 hours... ugh - I am ready for some salad
 *Kept trying to play outside but oh how the wind blows
*Counted down the minutes to the bus' arrival this morning... everyone last one of us was excited for school to start today.

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Britt said...

Love the naked baby with the bowl on her head. In fact, it's a very familiar sight. Ha ha!