The little boy who was afraid of everything...

Perry is omniphobic.

He is afraid of the basement. Being outside by himself. New clothes. The sound of the blender. Etc...

The high school was putting on their month-long preschool. I knew it would be a great opportunity for him - if I could get him to go. Perry is fine with me leaving him... my lifestyle requires I do it a lot and he has gotten used it... as long as a sibling is with him... which is the case 98% of the time. I knew having to go by himself would be hard on him so for weeks and weeks I tried to build up just how fun preschool at the high school could be.

The night before as I was tucking him in and telling him what fun he would have tomorrow. He presented me with this list of questions:
*What if I have no friends there?
*What if there are babies there and they cry and it makes my head hurt?
*What if the teacher doesn't know my name?

I knew he was hesitant to go by this line of thinking and tried to assuage his fears.

The next morning I took him off to preschool. After walking around the entire campus with a dead-weight Luna on my hip, we finally made it to his class. He was crying and sad but I was going to make him stay gosh darn it.  Finally, he saw a teenager from our church who was helping in the class, a big sister of one of his little buddies and that helped. Then he saw the rice table and that really helped. He tromped off without so much as a goodbye. He is a funny boy... and I am so happy that he decided preschool wasn't all that scary.

He would not humor me with a more formal picture than this quick van shot after picking him up.

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