One last day...

Tuesday was our final day of our trip. We headed out to Concord.

Toured the hotel.

Walked by some very old estates.

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson's.

I loved the architecture on the homes there. We walked to the North Bridge.

This is where "The shot heard around the world" was fired that started the Revolutionary War.

We went back to Boston and did the other end of the Freedom Trail starting at Bunker Hill.

Saw "Old Ironside" - oldest Navy ship in the country.

Visited Old North Church.

And just so happened to be there on the right date - the same day that Paul Revere hung the lanterns.

I wish we adopted the style of fully enclosed pews - I would not mind locking my children in these for Sacrament meeting.

Paul Revere's house.

And found a few places to rest our legs in route.

Once we finished the Freedom Trail - Blake's parents went to the Tea Party Ships while Blake and I hit up Mike's Pastry with about half the city.

Blake running down his list of goodies. It was probably a mistake to send Blake in here. We definitely over-bought.

Holy Cannoli!

And then we found the ultimate BOSTON sign!!! And I felt complete in my documenting. So we took one last picture and put the camera away for the rest of the trip.

We finished the night with some Italian food in the North End, guilt over the hundreds of dollars we spent on food over the course of the last week, and polished off treats galore back at the condo since we were leaving the next day. On Wednesday - we headed to the airport around 6:30am Eastern time, lay-over-ed in Chicago for an hour, grabbed the kiddos back in Portland, and finally pulled into our driveway about 12am Idaho time. Woke up Thursday with horrific jet-lag, mountains of laundry, and a return to real life.


The Woods said...

Sounds like an amazing getaway for you two! Congrats to Blake!

Britt said...

Yes to the Church pews! Let's write a letter!