Marathon Monday...

The morning of the big day came - Blake took off early to catch his bus and his parents and I took off semi-early to ensure a perfect spectating spot. The corner of Hereford and Bolyston for the win!

The finish is on Bolyston so we were on the last turn of the course before they hit the home stretch. It was a great spot and I would go right back to the same spot if I was ever watching the race again. And we had a great group of professional spectators around us to show us the ropes.

We came prepped with signs, water, a book that I couldn't focus on, and some snacks to get us through the 4 hour wait.

After about 2 hours, the first wheelchairs came through. These guys were flying and very inspiration to watch them struggle up the last hiccup of a hill that we were on. You just wanted to run out and help push them.

Then the race director comes. That morning I learned, on the news, that he drives the course but once he hands off the medals to the top finishers, he goes out to Hopkinton and runs it himself after the course has been shut down. He prides himself on being the last finisher for 30+ years now.

Then first women finisher.

And first man.

Then all of Blake's hero's coming in on top. Luckily, my husband has introduced me to the competitive sport of long distance running so a few of these are household names.

Galen Rupp

Our new BFF Jared Ward who secured 10th place.

Meb - Blake's biggest man-crush and inspiration. 

Puzey who Blake served his mission with... or maybe it was his brother who was also running... I can't remember.

And one of my hero's - this guy was killing it while pushing a full-grown adult.

And finally my biggest hero!!!

I'm so sad that this picture is off - do you see that smile he is giving me?!? He followed it by grabbing my hand and pulling me in for a kiss - which made the professional spectators nearby cry. It was a beautiful moment that left me giddy and flustered. I love this crazy runner man!

At the finish - couldn't find Blake.

 Found him later at the local sandwich shop we stopped in at and it was so nice to hear all about his run. He finished in 3:08 which is awesome to everyone but him. He had a goal of 20 minutes faster but at mile 5 he could tell that our whirlwind touring had caught up with him and that this wasn't going to be pretty. It also reached 80 degrees on the course and there is no way he could have been trained for that kind of heat. Luckily he eventually could get down enough food to bring his color back up - he was looking a little ghastly for awhile.

 All cleaned up and ready to go walk some more. We did let him rest his legs for a few minutes.

We walked the start of the freedom trail (I won't bore you with all the pictures of old buildings) and found Blake a new running partner.

Let's get a close-up on that medal shall we.

We finished the night with a killer seafood dinner because when you are this close to the coast you ought to be eating fish.

Blake and I weren't quite ready for the day to end so we headed back to the finish to see all the rest of the people in yellow shirts and tell them "Congrats!" And of course pose in front of the Nike store because it said... you guessed it... Boston.

Countdown clock to the next race which I thought was awesome. This memorial was for the bombing. I kept thinking about how festive and great the night felt - that would not have been the case 4 years ago. It is so unfortunate that someone would feel it necessary to ruin such a beautiful event and day.

Finally, we headed home where Blake slept really really really well.


Britt said...

Congrats to Blake! What an awesome experience. Glad you guys got to make a special trip out of it!

Kristen said...

It is amazing to me that Blake goes on a walking tour AFTER running a marathon. I'd be a big lazy blob for the rest of the day, if not the week.

HowellAZ said...

Holy Cow with the 3:08!!! This was the best documentation of a marathon I have ever read. Thank you for tearing me up with the hand holding and kissing. You two are such a team of a couple. He couldn't have achieved such a goal without your support.

AndersonGR8 said...

I had scanned this post earlier when I felt too pressed for time to really read it and enjoy the runner's (and spectator's) high from afar. This is such a fun remembrance of such a big goal. So proud of you and Blake. I know the sacrifice that a good wife makes in this sport called long distance running. Thanks for sharing the details of an amazing event that you 2 will always remember.