How are you feeling?

I am 13 weeks - I guess it is time to blog about the fact that we are going to have a baby.

I have noticed this time that everyone... I mean everyone... asks pregnant women "How are you feeling?" It is a normal question... I have asked it on numerous occasions to fellow expectant moms... I just get tired of my same-old-same-old response, "Good."

I know when people are asking "How are you feeling?" that they are curious if you are a morning puker, all-day puker, or non-puker. Well, I don't get that sick with my pregnancies anymore. I learned to take my prenatals at night and to eat every 5 seconds... If I do this I can avoid most nausea. I know some expectant moms are hooked up to IV's and desperate to gain weight so the fact that browning ground beef makes me a little queasy just doesn't seem worth the mentioning.

But just because there isn't much to write home about in the puking department... when people ask, "How are you feeling?" Evil Cyndi wants to say something along these lines:

*I'm so tired I can take a nap with my 2-year-old sticking her fingers in my mouth while my 4-year-old is repeatedly swan-diving between the triangular space that my propped-up legs and the coffee table make.

*I stink. The other night my husband graciously told me to go put on deodorant before our company showed up. I shower daily and still smell like a unwashed teenage boy.

*My boobs have grown a cup size each month... at this rate they will be touching the floor by the month it is time to deliver.

*I can handle most smells - except the smell of my own children - that one I can not stand.

*The dreams, aghhh the dreams... If some drug-lord could formulate whatever hormone content that is streaming through me nightly into pill form... he could make a fortune in the hallucinatory drug industry.

*I am thinking of changing OBGYN's because mine posts photos of all his delivered babies in the exam rooms and since I spend a large portion of time waiting for him in those rooms it leads to some very dark thoughts... like "Where are all the stillborns?" and "Could I ask him to put me in a room that doesn't have 20 different sets of twins staring back at me?"

And then there is Good Cyndi and when someone asks, "How are you feeling?" she wants to say this:

"AMAZING! I am growing a baby INSIDE me! Do you understand how awesome and incredible it is that I am able to do this? A baby - I am having a baby! AMAZING!"

We are very excited for this baby... even if I don't blog about it... and even if you ask me "How are you feeling?" and I shrug it off with a "good."

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HowellAZ said...

Hahaha - love these descriptions. Isn't being pregnant the best? Well, it is really cool, but a lot of not cool stuff comes along with it. I think you're an amazing mom and I'm so happy another baby is coming to the Taylor family.