Easter Boston style...

Woke up bright and early thanks to the birds. Birds sound different in Boston; therefore, we couldn't tune them out. Headed to Cambridge for church.

We went to a "singles ward" by Harvard but quickly realized as it filled up with families that we were not the only Mormon marathoners in town for the weekend. Then Jared Ward walked in and the stars in Blake's eyes are unforgettable. There was also the runner from Utah that beat Blake at Mt. Nebo. Church was really nice as they had prepared a special program for Easter and it was fun to have a pre-race party with so many runners and fans of runners in the building.

Blake still basking in the glow of having shook Jared Ward's hand. Beautiful day so we started our walk around Harvard.

 The Longfellow House.

Awesome church on campus.


We grabbed some pasta then headed back to Back Bay for packet pickup!

#2828! For those of us who like even and symmetrical numbers - Blake's was especially good.

It said "Boston" so naturally I had to take a picture.

Trying and failing to work the map at the expo so we could get a picture of Blake pointing to Meridian.

 Oh we got it but now the camera won't focus - bah!

My "runners are weird" picture. I wish I would have taken more... the gadgets people come up with to make you run "longer, faster, better" crack me up.

Blake tried hard to sit as much as possible. He realized his legs were hammered from all our walking and wanted to save them for the next day's race. Unfortunately, too little too late.

After the expo, we went and took our daily nap before heading back out. Next stop, Boston Duck Tour!

You ride in this car/boat hybrid with a tour guide telling you about the city on land and the water. It was excellent and a great way to learn some Boston history.

Taking in the town.

And landing in the Charles River.


Blake got to drive.

Another DUCK sighting.

And a LOVEJOY sign sighting.

After the tour, we walked a bit of the freedom trail, grabbed a second round of pasta, called the kiddos to hear just exactly how spoiled they were for Easter, picked up some ice cream at CVS, and then turned in for the night excited about the main event tomorrow.

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HowellAZ said...

What an amazing trip! I'm so happy for Blake and his outstanding accomplishment. Glad you guys were able to make a trip out of it. I loved all your pictures. Made me miss NY a bit. I love that city! But I also love sunshine, so...
How was the marathon. I'm on pins and needles over here.