Boston bound...

Saturday, we woke up and put on our running shoes. We grabbed another round of bagels and headed to High Line Park - an old elevated rail line that they turned into a mile long park. We got there early enough to run through it but had we been an hour later it would have been too congested.

We headed back to the hotel, got cleaned up, took a parting shot out of the window of our view, and checked out.

I started calling Blake "Map" because he was so good at not getting us lost. If I was alone, I would still be wandering around the Big Apple looking for Penn Station.

Besides walking, our #1 mode of transportation - the subway.

And on this final day, we had our true New York experience of being herd-pushed into an already full train.

We went to Brooklyn and headed across it's famous bridge.

It was packed!

Kate and Leopold is the one romantic comedy I could watch of repeat. "My word - it still stands!" Shout out to Roebling.

We headed back to Manhattan and got some lunch at Cosi in honor of our Cosie.

We grabbed our luggage that the hotel was holding for us then headed to find the Amtrak station. After going down and up half a dozen wrong subway entrances, we found the right place. It was a wild experience. They post which track the train arrives on minutes before you are expected to be on it then it is a mad rush of people to get on board before the train pulls away. The thing is we paid good money for these tickets so I thought the check-in would be more on the caliber of an airport. But oh no, it was very much a free for all.

I missed the great shot of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean due to my camera being properly stowed and by the time I pulled it out all I got was this. But if you squint far enough you can see it in the distance.

We arrived in Boston at nightfall and checked into our 100-year-old apartment in the South End.

We headed into Back Bay where the finish of the marathon takes place and where I made Blake stop to take pictures at every sign that said "Boston" on it.

Then we were properly introduced to Shake Shack and it was love at first bite. I have one regret from this trip and that is not going back for another round the next night and the night after that.

Cool signage for the race.

I forced Blake to sign it.

Blake humoring me by lunging across the FINISH line before heading back to the apartment and meeting up with Blake's parents who arrived for the big event.

It was at this point that Blake realized all the touring was taking a toll on his legs and began to worry about his race. I kept joking I would find a wheelchair to push him around in to save his legs and in hindsight it probably would have been a good idea.

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