Loaded the kiddos up to take them out to Eagle to watch Dad run the Shamrock Shuffle.

At the park waiting for the runners.

We briefly walked down to the river - it is raging and scary and captivating to watch.

Blake rocked his run - first place with a PR of 1:18:43 on the half. That is a 6 minute mile pace my friends!

Due to flooding the course was super bizarre with 14 out-and-backs. Even with the congestion this caused he is still smiling at the end.

Blake's running prowess baffles me at the moment. I am super proud of him and have to brag about his achievements because I have decided he is far too humble about it. 

After a quick bite of post-race food, we took off. Whenever I see Blake (or another mom) walking around with 5 kids all I can think is "Wow - is that how insane I look?"

Back home, we cooked up some tacos for the crowd then headed out to get our chores done.

5 hours later the pig pen was mucked, pig feed mixed, fruit trees/grapes pruned, more leaves raked, and branches hauled all across the yard.

It was our first burn of the season and the kids loved it.

Especially when the s'mores came out!

The Triple Threat - got to make up for all those calories burned.

 The kids loved being able to frolic outside again and it made us eager for many more Spring adventures.

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HowellAZ said...

Sign me up for smores in your backyard. I promise to do a few chores first. ;)