Paisley's play...

Paisley's class put on a We Love Idaho play. It was excellent!

Paisley played Eliza Spaulding and had a hard time seeing underneath her large bonnet.

Paisley talked for 2 months strait about this play. She loved everything about it - the costume, the stage, the lines she had to memorize, all of it.

Her teacher is phenomenal this year. Paisley loves all that she is learning about Idaho state history and that she got to have a huge production to present this knowledge. They presented it for 2 days doing 2 different shows... by the end of it Paisley was completely wiped out! Very few things can wear Paisley out so that is how I know she worked hard on this thing and was totally invested.

Way to go Idaho!


Kara Bowman said...

A star is born! I love it!

Jo said...

I was very impressed!