10 facts in 10 minutes...

10. Although I hate that Mondays are an end to the weekend and signal Blake's return to work, I do love my Monday energy surges and that I always slay my to-do list on the first day of the week.

9. If you have a 3-year-old, ask them to say Presbyterian - it will make your day.

8. Blake and I re-watched the first 3 Mission Impossible last week - we also watched Tom Cruise age 30 years over the course of the 6 hours that they played. All we could say during the first one was, "He is so young." over and over.

7. I saw my Wal-Mart putting up their grocery pick-up signs... HALLELUJAH - I will totally be using that this summer!!!!

6. Watching your almost 2-year-old try to clean up spilled water while holding the cup that is still half full of water and subsequently spilling more water is very entertaining.

5. I replayed Scythe - I feel much better about that game now. Still got totally destroyed but think that there is potential that someday I might be able to win.

4. Our cat went missing... we are officially not cut out for cats and will no longer be trying to own a mouser.

3. Idaho Springtime winds drive me batty... I am constantly saying, "If it wasn't for the wind - we could be outside right now." After 7 years, I should be used to it - but I am not and want them to go away.

2. We have been puzzling a lot lately, which has everyone including the 2 littlest in puzzle mode, which means that there is always puzzle pieces on my dining room floor.

1.This actually took me 12 minutes because I had to stop to get Luna a drink, help Perry wipe, and cringe as Luna emptied another puzzle onto the floor.


Erinlizabeth said...

Wow. I identify with so many of these things. Especially the Monday one (unless I'm sick. Like today.)(But I hate Tuesdays... the drive is gone and so much of the week left!). And the 2-year-old cleaning up water one (happens daily). And THANK GOODNESS they're finally doing pickup here! I was beginning to despair!

Britt said...

I hope Walmart's pick up service blesses your life as much as it has blessed mine. We also have a Smith's Marketplace just outside my city that does it! I frequently use both. Last week I decided to do my "big" grocery trip "in person" with two kids for the first time in about three months, and it was like going back to a bad boyfriend.

connie said...

i think you are on to something....they have snap chat and twitter for those who are time challenged. maybe you need to create a craze for SPEED BLOGGING. GREAT TO READ. LOVE YOU LOTS... MOM