The county auction...

Wait - go back.

You need to reread the title with the hick-est accent you can muster.

It will set the stage.

We were in need of a fresh batch of hogs - usually we get our pigs through Craigslist but there seems to be a shortage at the moment. So Blake did a little research and found a livestock auction in Caldwell. I really wanted to go with him but finding a babysitter wasn't working out so we hitched up our trailer and loaded up the kids in the truck and made a Saturday morning/afternoon adventure of it. Since we were newbies, we were worried about gallivanting in there with our whole crew, so Blake dropped me off at the Burger King a block away while he went off to the races. He was there for about an hour, bought 8 pigs, and called saying, "You got to come see this." So he came and picked us up and we went to check out the festivities.

It was a cultural experience and our kids were shockingly hypnotized by the entire procedure.
 They bring in the animals through one gate and give the bidders about 15 seconds to make a decision and take them out the next gate. You don't know what history the animal has, if more or less of your animal are going to be showing up later, and, for us first timers, we could barely understand the auctioneer.

Luna was so into the whole thing, the auctioneer just lulled her to sleep right on the spot.

Once you have put your bids in, you go up front and pay and then out back to pick up your load. They went through so many animals - it was pretty remarkable to watch how efficiently they ran the thing. And their were tiny goats and sheep that made us ohhh and ahh in their glorious cuteness... I am shocked Paisley didn't bid for one herself.

But even being new to the ropes, Blake was proud of his purchases. He has dreams now of "flipping pigs" - who knew this was a thing? We got the bigger black one by himself and then the 7 other little ones were in a lot. We will be selling 3 of the little ones and have big plans for an upcoming pig-in-the-ground roast for one of the others. The ones left will be around for the season.

The weather was great yesterday so we could get the pigs settled in, drain the swamp that had formed in their pen, and let the kids run around getting about as filthy as the pigs.

There was once a time when I never would have imagined spending a Saturday doing such a thing...

but now it just seemed like some good ol' fashion fun. Especially since Blake and I can't stop talking like this:

25... badabid... 30... eh... 30... badabid... 40


connie said...

oh how i love reading your blog... you make me smile for days when i read about your awesomeness and you r family. thanks for sharing your life and joys and funny moments and even your sorrows. i love you

Britt said...

Auctions give me so much anxiety! I wonder if I struggle with decision making. Hmmm.... yes. Yes, I do.

Sara said...

Love this! I went to a couple livestock auctions with my brother in South Carolina and it sounds like we had similarly grand experiences- although, I did learn that you can walk around the back and check out the livestock beforehand so you can check out your options- at least that's how it was at the one we went to. While we were in the back we almost got run over by a runaway horse and one of the guys working there hopped on another horse and lassoed the runaway. It was amazing! Aside from almost getting trampled it was very exciting- and just watching them toss the goats around was surprisingly good entertainment. 🙂

Pops said...

I spent a lot of time at livestock auctions with my dad. Brought back good memories. Mainly that we always stopped at the A&W for a burger, fries and frosty mug of root beer on the way home. Best burger ever!

HowellAZ said...

Boy did I enjoy catching up with your blog. Thanks for being diligent - we all know you have a million things to do, like making your laundry room super cute, but I'm always happy to see what your family is up to. We should be up in Idaho this June, so we'd love to come by and see the farm.