The 10 things I have been doing besides blogging...

A few people have commented on my MIA status in the last 10 days... here's what I have been up to instead.

10. Dealing with this naughty girl... she is my climber-est kid.

9. Finally took Perry into the doctor. He had an ear infection.

8. Yesterday I got on to blog but got distracted by making a Spring-y header - I know I am jumping the gun... but I also decorated the house for Easter as well so I am just going to pretend that we can skip the whole March business and head right into April.

7. Celebrated Valentine's Day - well, the kids celebrated with heart pancakes, school/playgroup parties, and Lego Batman with Dad... Blake and I are celebrating tonight and I am giddy with joy for our date.

6. Reading. I am on a refugee memoir kick - their stories... WOW... unbelievable! Could you put your 11 year old son on a plane knowing you would never see him again but by so doing that you are giving him the greatest gift you possibly could?

5. Painting. I finally forced myself to get back into the house love thing. I painted the laundry room a Ummm-that's-a-little-bright green.

4. Laundry - I wasn't allowed to paint the room until all the laundry was "caught up." I am looking forward to Summer just for a decrease in worn clothing.

3. Starting poems... I wanted to present Blake with a poem for Valentine's day. I started 3 different times but was continuously interrupted by Luna's antics. My declaration of love in rhyming verse never came about so we will just have to settle for:
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I want to write more
but Luna just poo'd.

2. THE PARK!!!

1. Thinking about the world's most ridiculous board game. Our friends introduced us to Scythe. I think it crossed some line... like the I just went from playing complex strategic board games to I'm going to start wearing all black and carving my own characters out of graphite. With all that said - I am dying to play it again because I think it took until 11am the next day (12 hours after we finished playing) before I actually got it (on some small level).


Micah Taylor said...

Haha I love it, all of it -- I'm nervous about scythe though, if you guys end up liking it you know you'll convince us to play too sometime...!! Have fun on your date :)

Jo said...

Love the very green laundry room!