Kiddo update...

Seems like the only kid I take photos of these days is Luna. So to even out the score let's do an update in the kid department.

Paisley is a budding pianist. She has moved onto Hymns and loves the challenge of them. I have heard Choose The Right being played at least a hundred times in the last week. She is doing well at school - she got to be a mouse in an opera rendition of Cinderella and is now memorizing lines for her class play on Lewis and Clark. She has been very happy and helpful around the house lately and has been extra useful during the cooking dinner craziness. Yesterday, she was grating cheese with Luna on the counter "helping" and was happy as could be about it - she is better mom even than me sometimes.

Cosette is doing well with her piano and school also. Here she is finding facts about the musk ox for her habitat project. Cosie has been awesome at playing with the boys lately and gets them going with all sorts of imagination games. Perry calls her his "best buddy" and begs her to play the second that she comes in the door. Cosette has been my most eager to get outside in the non-freezing temps and will take the boys around the neighborhood on their bikes. She is also my only kid that will take a minute to wake up in the morning - I often find her laying in bed taking it easy in the morning - the rest of the family pops right up and demands breakfast instantly.

Fielding is a Lego machine at the moment - if he is home there is a good chance he is Lego-ing... or yelling at Perry for breaking something that he was Lego-ing. Fielding is great at school - he loves his teacher but unfortunately has had a lot of subs in the last little bit which has made him a little ornery. Fielding has to have a routine in his life - or he starts freaking out... with Christmas break, snow days, and now subs, he has been freaking out for awhile and we are working on it. Fielding is excited for warmer weather so her can (in his words) go fishing, start soccer, and visit Baker (his cousin).

Perry is off this week - ear infections then fevers then more snot than one mom can handle. He is grumpy and unable to focus. He is going four days in a row of taking a nap which is highly unusual for him and causing issues in our schedules. I am hoping he starts feeling better and returns to his carefree self. When better, he is a busy boy who has learned how to team up with Luna to cause all sorts of grief (see below picture). He loves playing with his siblings, going to the library, and reading the same 5 books over and over and over again. He has become much better at not intentionally wrecking the Legos (except the hands - he always removes the hands) and Fielding and him do have some wonderful (although usually brief) moments of playing together with their awesome minifig collection.

Luna is rapidly approaching 2 - I can smell it. My kids go feral when they hit 2. 2 is hard for me and I don't think Luna will be any different. She opens the front door (freaks me out), runs if not straitjacketed into the 5 point-giant-cart-harness-thing at the store (freaks me out), and climbs to the top of everything (freaks me out). The fact that she refuses to speak is complicating things because lots of what she is trying to point/grunt at gets lost in translating causing her to scream in fury. She learned how to climb out of her pack-n-play so sleeping (her most awesome skill) has even be disrupted this week. She is now in the real crib in the girls room so we will see how that goes. Luckily, she is also optimally cute so I forgive her trespasses... most the time.

Well - I wrote this with Luna climbing all over me and the keyboard - forgive any typos/what the heck was she trying to say-ness. I have noticed a trend that every time I have a kid ranging in age 22 to 32 months, my blogging becomes sporadic and incoherent. Let me apologize now for the upcoming months.

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Pops said...

I love the kiddo posts. What a great crew of little helpers and entertainers. I'll come by for a little of each.