February 1st...

It is February 1st - you can know this by:

The fact that there are 3 bikes in my living room.

We have overstayed our welcome at every library in the valley. (Picture sidenote: I told Perry to pick a book for Luna and this is what he came up with.)

New recipes for a new year. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Waffles - yes, please! I love when Blake is here to help feed the masses... plating up 5 kids with food takes forever - especially since the first asks for seconds as soon as you get the last one done.

Fielding had a birthday bash in school - the kids devoured the fruit rainbow we brought... even 6-year-olds are ready for summery food.

Paisley has been awesome at getting Luna ready every day - the poor girl would look homeless if not for her big sister. High piggies is my favorite hair-do Paisley has come up with so far.

The chickens are a mess - a total mess. I am dying to get their coop cleaned out but can't until it thaws... please thaw, please thaw, please thaw.

We hit up the church gym any chance we can get. Here is Luna taking a chill with her orange in the corner hiding from the mis-aimed basketballs, runaway bikes, and Nerf gun wars that filled the rest of the room.

And there is a creepy stray cat staring at me from the back deck while I blog this...

Everyone in this valley is over the winter. We have lost the ability to communicate about anything else - "It is SO cold.", "Is it going to snow again?", "I think it will get above freezing this week." We are frozen, stagnant, and unchanged. This is how we spent the entire month of January and we are all 100% over it... here is to February and the hope of one good thaw!

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Britt said...

The chickens. Ugh! I pretty much throw my hands in the air and say, "See you in March!" Then I hope they live through it. Ha ha!