Silly kid phrases...

My kids say cute things - I wish I could remember them all but sadly if they aren't written down right on the spot then they disappear as fast as cookies pulled strait out of the oven.  Here are a few that have been collecting on my phone for the past few months.

*"True loves" - This one dates back to last Spring. Fielding has for as long as he can talk referred to the flower tulips first as "true lupes" until he could pronounce the v then as "true loves." As in, "Look Mom the true loves are blooming!" It is beyond adorable.

*"Glubes" - No one in this house wears gloves. They are "glubes" and it makes me chuckle every time I hear it. I think Paisley and Cosie have now learned the correct pronunciation but even now and then I hear them slip.

*"Clearwater Custer" - Paisley is learning the Idaho county song at school. Clearwater and Custer are both Idaho counties and fall back to back in the song. Once the kids were discussing what they wanted on their license plate and Fielding was adamant that his would say "Clearwater Custer." Maybe C H20 C. I hope his dream comes true but until then we have two cats named Clearwater and Custer.

*"Comfty" - Paisley started this one and even though her dad has corrected her 100 times she still says, "I can't wait to get comfty." All the kids have followed suit ad maybe even their mom.

* "Monster Mash" - In the fall, the kids designed a game called Monster Mash. It involved running through the backyard at nightfall talking about spooky stuff. We spent a free day at the botanical gardens and they ran around looking for Monster Mash clues. There imaginations were in full force and this little anecdote doesn't do it justice but it is something I want to remember.

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