Party's over...

Handed off thumbtacks to two little boys this morning with the instruction, "Pop all the balloons." They were thrilled - I was thrilled. I like a good party but I also like a good clean up.

The final hoorah for Fielding's birthday was last night with dinner and cake/brownies/cake with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor. 

Before that on Saturday evening we did our annual family activity in honor of Talmage. This year we took the kids to the mall to ride the animals. 5 cute towheads driving these around was great advertising for the guy... we boosted his sales 10% that night... at least.

Then we headed to downtown Boise.

 To hit up a coffee shop because we had a $20 giftcard and cookies seemed like a good use for it.

And here is just some random everyday-ness between all the partying.

Perry fell asleep in the car on the way to the store - we never ended up getting our groceries but Luna did a good job ransacking the van while I attempted to clean it.

Waiting for Dad to finish up his run at the gym (The gym transferred ownership and I now have unlimited guest passes - want to come with me?!?). He went so far that we would have went over the childcare time limit had I not grabbed the kids and let them "arm elliptical" for a few minutes.

 "Look Fielding - Mom made a triple-decker-double-decker sandwich." -Perry

 Found this pair of jeans out back - frozen solid. Made for a nice piece of abstract art on my counter.

Perry has finally decided to wear dress-ups and I absolutely love it!

And just as Blake commented yesterday that some grass was finally poking through the snow - we got another dumping of white stuff.  I am feeling a little like our snowman about it.


Jolene said...

Wondering where the body is that goes with the frozen jeans...

Jana Weaver said...

Luna's moccasins are adorable!! I love that you make even the party clean up fun! I need to follow your example more.