I always make formal New Year's resolutions. They are boring and personal and not always achieved at the level I desire. I don't feel like sharing those but I do feel like sharing my "more" list.

These are my casual resolutions - things I want to achieve but not necessary keep on the home screen of my phone in order to achieve them.

More List 2017:

More homemade wheat bread
More stories on the couch
More dancing
More veggies on the table
More hiking
More willingness to take road trips
More attention paid in Sunday School
More variety in kid lunches
More board games with the older kids
More service outside of my bubble
More handstands
More running with Kara and Dad (I like their pace :)
More creative undertakings
More grilling
More car cleanliness
More calling on the phone
More painting
More eye contact
More good books
More meaningful prayers
More writing


Pops said...

I like all of these and hope I can enjoy some of them. Especially that one about running more with "Kara and Dad".

HowellAZ said...

Wow! Look at you. I made one. So far, so good. But really, how hard can it be to do one thing this year? You're way ahead of the curve.