More of the same...

So church was cancelled yesterday and once more no school - we are no longer battling snowfall, but now the entire surface of the city has turned into a skating rink.

Last time I whined about it on here -

Let's try a new approach this morning.

Today I am grateful:

*Grateful that my kids aren't in daycare because I once helped manage a daycare and I know just how expensive it is to go off contract to add extra days for school agers... it would not be a pretty bill.

*Grateful for neighbors who let Blake park his car in their driveway because his Honda Fit can't make it up the speed bump of a hill at the front of our lane.

*Grateful for a van that I feel comfortable driving around in poor conditions so we can still go to places.

*Grateful for a gym membership that affords me 2 hours to kind of do my own thing.

*Grateful for friends that are feeling the exact same as me so that I feel validated in my "Will my life ever be normal again?" meltdowns.

*Grateful we have Cousin James in town to play for the week.

*Grateful that we caught and treated our ice dam before we had to remove whole walls like the poor couple sitting next to us at Cheesecake Factory.

*Grateful for the unexpected payment, by a friend, of our bill at Cheesecake Factory (Karma came back).

*Grateful for the power still being on. I can't imagine if I had to do this by candlelight and no heat.

*Grateful for the library still being open.

*Grateful for extra time to make lots and lots of homemade bread. My house might be a disaster but at least it smells like heaven.

*Grateful for LDS church buildings that are unlocked so that the kids and I can go ransack the nursery and run wild in the gym.

*Grateful for the dinner invites the past 2 nights so I had less meal prep to attend to.

*Grateful that the kids finally got to build an igloo with Blake yesterday.

*Grateful for blankets and hot chocolate and space heaters and fuzzy sweatshirts.

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