Frozen coops, poops, and driveways...

I have this little line from a movie that plays in my head whenever I am out doing farm stuff.

Move to an acre they say...
It will be fun they say...
But did they ever have to ______________?
No - I don't think so.

I am a fair weather farmer. And even in fair weather - it can be a little "This is the reason people moved to the suburbs... why am I doing this?" 

Like today when I went to check on our poor freezing chickens and find their water has tipped - no big deal - I can refill it - oh, wait it tipped into the door and has now frozen it shut. Oh okay - I will get the shovel and pry it open. Oh okay - the shovel is on the opposite side of the yard and buried in snow. Oh okay - this is way more stuck than I thought - It won't budge!!! Cute boots waterproof integrity in jeopardy. Fingers begin to freeze. Chickens pecking my fingers because I mean food... all requiring me to yell out to no one in particular, "I HATE FARMING IN THE WINTER!"

Nothing is idyllic about raising animals in freezing temps. It is messy and cold and even they look at you with a "You got to be kidding me about this weather." look in their eye. 

The only redeeming quality is that everything has frozen solid so at least their poop don't stink. 

In other news, the kids returned to school. When asked by a teacher how she was helpful over winter break, Cosette drew this masterpiece.

I promise they actually liked doing it and would ask repeatedly if they could go play "ice choppers." There was something weirdly satisfying about prying up the sheets of ice trying to get the biggest piece. And it saved our garage from some flooding... which is always a win.


Britt said...

I hate taking care of the animals in the winter too. It's miserable, and the snow, poop, and mud we drag in on our shoes is just the icing on the cake.

Jake Smith said...

Hey Cyndi! Just got your adorable card in the mail! So fun to see your cute family. Crazy how quickly kiddos grow up. Miss you, girl! Hope you're doing great!
And oops- just realized I'm signed in under Jake's account. This is Erin. :)

HowellAZ said...

Haha - their poop don't stink. Love it. That and chopping ice. The best!