Camo party...

Fielding had a hard time decided what he wanted to do for his birthday - first, he wanted only a family party but when he learned that no cousins would be in town than he quickly changed to Jumptime with a friend or Chuck-e-cheese then back to Jumptime. Eventually, he settled on wanting an at-home friend party because he couldn't pick just one friend (which made me happy because the kid has some awesome friends)! But then he said, "I know Mom, it can be a Minecraft party." 

"Really? Ugh?"

You see the kid has never played Minecraft - the only reason he chose Minecraft was because he has heard everyone talk about Minecraft. We are Minecraft ignorant around here and I really didn't want a party featuring something we know nothing about. So I dug deep in the trenches of mind to try and come up with a counter offer that he wouldn't balk at. What is something Fielding loves? Then it came and I knew the second I said it that I could get him on board. "What if we did a hunting/camouflage party?"


So here is Fielding's camo party - a total win for all involoved.

Thank you to:
The dollar store for the awesome hats/party favor
D.I. and Wal-mart for outfitting the family in camo 
Leftover Halloween candy for being resurrected once more in the form of a candy ball
Paisley running the fishing booth - the kids loved this and wanted to fish for pure garbage after all the goodies had been fished out
Thrift store cake toppers - that deer knows he is about to become jerky

And thanks to all of Fielding's buddies for showing up. 5 boys descending on your house makes for an instant party especially when you add it to the 5 that already live here.

Fielding and Jed - both of their birthdays are tomorrow!

2 hours later Luna is still going strong with the hat - even if it doesn't do much for her line of sight!

Happy Birthday Fielding - glad we could spend the weekend celebrating you!


connie said...

Cyndi, you are the world's best party host. That looked like the most fun 6 year old boy party ever.

Jolene said...

Looks like you even close your eyes when someone else is pulling the trigger!

HowellAZ said...

This post was awesome...I LOVE seeing your parties. I LOVE to live vicariously through them since party planning gives me anxiety. ha! Hope you guys get some warm weather with that thaw. You need it! Big hugs to birthday boy and Cosie on their fun recent events.