Ballet party...

Cosette wanted a ballet party - I think The Nutcracker re-spiked her interest in dance. 

She invited a few friends over after school for dinner and dancing.

After dinner, we had our go-to dance teacher, Sierra, come and teach the girls some ballet.

Cosette requested this game - I keep thinking my kids will outgrow this but it is always a hit.

Then we did some relay candy cane games.

With Luna, DJ-ing in the background.

Then presents.

Tape line to keep the kids from swarming - I swear by it.

Then a treasure hunt for the goodie bags - which were clearance Sparkle Girls that I scored for $1.25.

We finished with cake and ice cream.

And a silly shot of the crew - it was a fun celebration in honor of Cosie!

I always feel bad for my January birthdays - it is my least favorite month to have a party so I kind of have to fake the enthusiasm. Paisley and Cosie are more helpful in party prepping now so they are always in charge of invites, choosing the games, and putting together the treasure hunt. It helps a lot!

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Britt said...

Tape line! Must try that!