The rest of Christmas...

 The bits that didn't make the video.

Christmas Eve-y (the day before Christmas Eve), Tim and Jo treated us to Chuck-E-Cheese. It was a hit for all!

Then The Howells stopped in for dinner, treat, and allowing us to use their baby as a speed bump.

The Howells were our family away from family in Arizona and we miss seeing them more often.

Then the boys had a "sleepover" with cousin James... they were a little too much for him so he ended up in his own bed. But they did enjoy Lego Star Wars together.

And the sleepover made it a little easier to feed our favorite vice.

Eight... Eight games of Agricola were played over the course of the 4 days that Hank and Micah were here. 

Sandwich break!

The highlight being Micah and I tying for the win on the final championship game in which we were also doing a puzzle.

A puzzle that was missing two pieces and had two that didn't even go to it - BAAAAHHHH!

It was the white-est Christmas I have ever had so the kids enjoyed multiple snow parties followed by hot chocolate. There were also movies watched, Santa visit fails, and endless goodies and treats. 

Monday we cleaned up the Christmas disaster as best we could and packed up for a quick trip to eastern Idaho because my niece Taralyn got married!!!

It was a beautiful day...

With the bonus of leaving our kids overnight with Grandparents and Aunts after the reception so Blake and I could celebrate our own 12 years of marriage! We snuck in Panda Express to Rogue One because nothing says "I love you" like lasers and orange chicken.

Unfortunately Blake returned to work yesterday so things are slowly morphing back to normal. The kids are tearing through their new Christmas toys while I am trying to get the house somewhat clean (which is a waste of time since all 5 kids are home). The hit toy so far this year has been the karaoke machine that has Frosty the Snowman playing on repeat at the moment. I got my eyes on our tree to pitch it off the deck come Sunday... but we are still basking in it's Christmas afterglow a little longer.

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Jo said...

I missed wishing you a happy anniversary this year! You two are a great team!