Romance 101...

I picked up a book from the library's honor shelf and slowly picked my way through it since it had no due date.

It was called 1001 Ways to be Romantic and it was so ancient it talked about mailing greeting cards and dedicating songs on the radio.  A lot of the book was complete non-substance but I am still grateful that I hung onto it for awhile.

Blake and I are not so great at the romance business. Flowers, chocolates, poetry, chick flicks, and candlelit meals are not what our love was built on* and because of this we tend to get a little lot lazy in the romantic gestures department.

*Capture the flag, ice cream, Jason Bourne, and bagel sandwiches that is what our love was built on.

But after reading the introduction of the book, I decided that we needed a change. The author likens romantic gestures to sprinkles. He gives the analogy that a relationship is like cake and that romance isn't even the icing on it but the sprinkles. You can just have cake and be content with that but sprinkles are tiny little specks that add some flair, make things more fun, and can even cover up the rough spots. I like that... so I decided to up the notch on the romance in Blake and I's relationship by using some of the ideas that the book offered and adding in some of my own.

So here is my consolidated (and more modernized) list for you to add a few sprinkles to your relationships - trust me it is worth the effort.

101. Write "I love you" on everything - foggy windows, post-its, the butter, their phone's home screen, in the snow, etc.

100. Make them their favorite meal.

99. Take them to their favorite restaurant.

98. Make a plan to visit every Mexican/Italian/Pizza/Sushi joint in the area until you find your favorite of each genre of food.

97. Answer the phone when they call with a different pet name every time i.e. "Hello there the best thing that has ever happened to me!"

96. Plan a elaborate date.

95. Plan a simple date.

94. Put a surprise in a place they might not look for months... you will both be happy when it is finally found.

93. Re-enact a first date or an important date.

92. Carry a picture of them in your wallet.

91. Play a love song.

90. Sing them a love song.

89. Take them to a concert of their favorite artist.

88. Hold their hand... always.

87. Introduce them to the other people you are conversing with. Major bonus points if you use the phrases, "This is the man of my dreams, Blake." or "This is my bride, Cyndi." (Still working on this one with Blake).

86. Go on walks - Lots of walks to everywhere or nowhere.

85. Pack their lunch and include love notes.

84. Make them an unexpected "big breakfast."

83. Make a ritual out of everyday things - kiss in elevators, tickle each other at red lights, "love punch" them when going through doorways, etc...

82. Treat them to something luxurious that they enjoy - a massage, a professional shave, a day at the golf course or on the mountain, a night out to the fanciest restaurant in town.

81. Tell them you miss them - only if they have been away for just a few hours at work or out with the kids.

80. Leave a treat in every sock in their drawer.

79. Take care of something that the other person always does - arrange the babysitter, buy the tickets, pay the bill, organize the vacation, etc.

78. Cook something new together.

77. Pull out old photos and talk about the memories that go with them.

76. Bring home flowers... even simple ones handpicked off the side of the road.

75. Tell them what made you fall in love with them in the first place.

74. Write them a poem. Don't tell me you can't - you can... the more awful you are at it the more they will love you for it.

73. Tell your kids what you like about each other in front of each other.

72. Put a photo of you together in your bedroom.

71. Break into their car and leave goodies or notes for them to find after work.

70. Kiss when you leave.

69. Kiss when you come back.

68. Kiss when you hand them the mail.

67. Kiss when you wake-up.

66. Kiss when you go to bed.

65. Put "Do a romantic gesture" on specific days on your calendar so you don't forget.

64. Plan something big that you can surprise them with.

63. Plan something together so you can look forward together to it.

62. Put a movie on for the kids and then send them to bed early and have an at-home date (we have lots of these).

61. Do dates at unusual times - go out for breakfast, meet for lunch, ditch the kids at a family get-together when everyone is going to bed for the night and go out for late-night cheese fries/milkshakes (this is a very common practice for Blake and I).

60. Exercise together - anything that gets you moving is great - biking, hiking, swimming, running, rollerblading, etc.

59. Re-watch the first movie you ever watched together.

58. Watch a movie underneath the Christmas tree.

57. Rent a local hotel for a night.

56. Book a mountain get-away.

55. Plan that trip you have always wanted to take - even if you can't actually take the trip for another 10 - 20 - 50 years.

54. Hack their computer and change their background photo to something significant for you guys.

53. Scrap 1 love you into the ice on their windshield (This was a classic gesture for Blake and I back in the day in Provo).

52. Make a photo book about the two of you.

51. Give them something fuzzy - blankets, slippers, beanie, sweater, etc.

50. Use puns to turn ordinary things into fun things. "Our dad rolls" "Pie love you very much" "Are you egg-noring me?" Any object has a great pun to go with it if you need inspiration google "______ puns." based on whatever you are presenting to your love.

49. Take a midnight stroll (preferably in summer).

48. Go to the local tourist attraction in your town that everyone goes to except people who actually live there.

47. Travel to a nearby city for the day and treat it like an extravagant vacation.

46. Make them a mix tape... I mean CD... I mean playlist...

45. Take up a new hobby together.

44. Do something old-fashion together. Thread popcorn on string. Play horseshoes. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride.

43. Surprise them with a yummy lunch in place of their normal PB&J.

42. Blindfold them to take them to place significant to you - having them make guesses in route.

41. Do there "dread chore."

40. Buy balloons - 100 of them and fill their car or the bathroom or their work cubicle.

39. Surprise them with playing hooky... say "I am not going to work today because I love you and I thought we could..."

38. Make a book of a picture from every year that you have been together.

37. Use birthday numbers and anniversary numbers as a basis for lists: "12 reasons I love you." "32 of my favorite things to do with you." etc

36. Call them at a time you normally wouldn't.

35.  Text them - easy peasy - do it daily.

34. Have their parents share a childhood story with you that you haven't heard yet then quiz them about it.

33. Blog about them or Facebook or Instagram or whatever it is the cool kids are doing these days.

32. Hearts on everything and everywhere.

31.  Watch a meteor shower together.

30. Find an original copy of their favorite book or any copy and add a love letter to the front page.

29. Rent a canoe and take it out on a lake - pack a picnic.

28. Love coupons.

27. Kiss their hand - make it an extravagant gesture.

26. I'm not a jewelry girl - but a locket with your photos inside is timelessly romantic.

25. Watch funny YouTube videos together - laughing with Blake is one of my favorite ways to be together.

24. Go on a theme date - cowboys, pirates, 80's.

23. Wear your finest clothes to KFC.... mmmm, KFC.

22. MEN READ THIS - PLAY WITH HER HAIR. I have yet to meet a girl who doesn't love this.

21. Go to the mall and eat hot pretzels while buying them something they don't need but kind of want.

20. Hire a photographer to take engagement-like shots of the two of you even if you have been married 20+ years.

19. Write the story of how you met and present it them.

18. Hire a limo or cab or Uber so you can hold hands in the backseat on the way to your date.

17. Find the cutest picture of them from their childhood and display it.

16. Buy those cheap valentine boxes and fill out all 28 for them to hide in all sorts of places.

15. If they say, "I'd like to have one of those." remember that statement then buy the item for a future holiday gift or a just because gift.

14. Give lots of just because gifts - they mean more.

13. Make a candy poster.

12. Go to the library together and read in a cozy spot.

11.  Find their favorite thing and give them a ridiculous amount of them. i.e 50lbs of M&M's

For these last 10 - I would use the word sexy but Moms read this so lets go with nice instead - you can sub it out the other way if you would like.

10. Wear something nice.

9. Smell like something nice.

8. Talk about something nice.

7. Eat together something nice.

6. Listen to nice music.

5. Take a long nice shower.

4. Decorate the bedroom nice.

3. Gift them something nice.

2. Turn a "welcome home" peck into a nice kiss.

1. Just do something really nice...

Like spend your Cheesecake giftcard on a cheesecake you won't eat just because you know they will love it:

That my friends is as romantic as it gets.


Chadwick and Julie said...

I'm not sure how we are friends....I adore peanut butter as much as you seem to detest it!! Maybe that's how we are friends - opposites attract?

Jana Weaver said...

I'm the odd one out, #22 I don't like...Curly hair and finger combing don't go well together. Really though, what a fun list! I love so many of the ideas.