Graham cracker houses...

Had the Cox Family over to help us decorate our candy houses. The kids vetoed me hot gluing the houses so most the time was spent reassembling fallen crackers. I will be hot gluing again next year - way better for little hands to work with.

Cosie and Addie.

Daisy and Paisley.

Jed and Fielding.

 They smashed theirs.

In fact by the end of the night I think there was only one house still standing... but I am way okay with disposable houses. And the chickens loved their graham cracker feast today. And we loved letting the kids run hog wild through the house while we caught up on the Cox's adventures which included that their house is haunted and burning a 40 foot silo full of old garbage. Talking to Kim and Dusty is never boring plus I got to hold their squishy little baby.

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