Christmas festivities...

Piano recital for Paisley, Cosette, and Fielding.

Had to break out the big guns to keep our tree from tipping. I spent an entire nap time working on the beast... it's a good thing I have 11 months of the year to forget about all the drama a "real tree" causes or I don't think I would put up with it.

 First snowman-able snow.

I spoiled Fielding and let him stay home from school for a snow day and helped him make "Fred".

Perry loving on Custer.

 Ward Christmas Party. They had our dinner plates pre-dished and then served by the youth... if I am ever in charge of a ward activity, I will do it this way. Santa got a little eclipsed in our picture by the sheer number of us - I have a new plan of making Blake kneel in all family pictures so that we can get a closer shot.

I keep spacing the nativities out and the kids keep circling them back in. I love that all my kids have done this.

I told the boys to go pee before we put on snowclothes - I walked upstairs to this. "It's okay Mom, I make the snow yellow out here."

Pretty sure, I was the recipient of the Light the World campaign. A friend brought me Costa Vida for lunch. I could have kissed her on the lips for saving me from eating my 3rd grilled cheese of the week.

It's a lovely (and freezing cold) time of year and I look forward to more of the fun!

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