1st half of the first half of Christmas break...

I feel like real Christmas break starts tomorrow (which is now today since I got blog-interrupted) - Blake will be starting his time off (OH HAPPY DAY!!!), our game fanatic family members will be coming to town, and I've checked just about everything off of my get-done-before-Christmas list.

But here is what we did during "fake Christmas break."

Paisley and I started it off with a bang by running her first 10k... in 4 degree weather. It was as miserable as it sounds. But it was her New Years Resolution that we had forgot about until this month and I am so proud of her for meeting her goal... it was not easy to double her mileage, go up a hill, and try to keep her little fingers from getting frostbite.

I am being diligent about getting to the gym. My older kids really don't like to go so I have mama guilt for forcing it on them. But if I don't go to the gym, I get ornery... well ornery-er so I have learned how to make it a priority. Here is the awkward gym selfie I sent to Blake after The Nutcracker telling him that this room makes me want to twirl like a sugar plum fairy.

We met The Bonewells at the biggest playplace in town. $10 in gross food = 2 hours of hardcore active play during single digit temperatures... worth it!

We had a massive cookie party with The Hunts. The mess was spectacular! Glad to check that one off my list and I didn't even have to flour up my own kitchen. Thanks Julie for hosting!!!

And today I declared it friend day and invited a kid over for each kid. I thought I would get so much accomplished by staying home... turns out I just walked in circles behind my kids cleaning up messes, kissing boo-boos, and monitoring who's turn it was. I accomplished nothing and it reminded me why I don't stay home all day with 5 kids.

Here is how the girls entertained themselves:

And here is how the boys:

And our neighborhood salsa delivery investment has began to pay off... the caloric density of the food on my counter is quite spectacular.

I feel like the magic of Christmas has been fantastically strong this year. I think it's powers has stemmed from the hand-laced popcorn string on our tree. I look forward to the next couple of days of food, family, fun, and festivities. Let's get this party started!

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Jana Weaver said...

Way to go Paisley on your 10k!! (and for both of you freezing while you did it!)