12 things on the first day of the 12th month...

12. Luna looks just like Fielding... especially in his police suit.

11. The trip laundry is everywhere... still.

10. My Christmas shopping is done - best feeling ever. Thank you Amazon and throughout-the-year thrift store finds.

9. Yesterday we had our first snow. It didn't stick but made the kids super giddy regardless. (If you look closely you can see a few flakes against Fielding's already snow white hair.)

8. I just found a sucker stuck to the back of my shirt.

7. Fielding learned how to collage.

6. Tried a new breakfast recipe - yummy but did not make enough... even with the recipe doubled. Be warned if you click that link you are going to the land of annoying food blogs where newsletter pop-ups and side-bar videos make it near impossible to view the actual recipe.

5. Perry and I built Robot 6.0.

4. Don't tell the big kids but while they are away at school, I let her touch all the things that they tell me not to let her.

3. Blake is a great dad. I am not a fan of all the repercussions of modern parenting, but an increase in father involvement is not a bad thing.

2. I ordered our Christmas cards - coming to a mailbox near you soon.

1. She is just plain adorable.

So excited for this month and all the traditions and goodies and music and magic... us Taylors are ready to get our Christmas on!

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AndersonGR8 said...

Cute kids, don't think Luna could be any more squeezable!